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radiology Edison NJ

How to Stop MRI Fears

An MRI is a testing procedure that allows a doctor to get a better view of a specific area of the body. This allows the medical team to make a better diagnosis of a condition and provide the patient with the utmost in case. However, it is scary for some people. If you’re among the people who have fears of radiology Edison NJ, use the tips below to ease some of the worries that you have.

Arrive Early

radiology Edison NJ

Arrive for your appointment early to better acquaint yourself with the facility to ease some of the comfort. When you are familiar with your surroundings, it is much easier to relax, especially if it is the first time you’ve been to the facility.


It is easy to let your fears cause you to become overwhelmed with the treatment, so remember to breathe and place your attention elsewhere so you do not get overworked. You can bring along a book to take your mind off of the procedure.

Guided Imagery

Many patients scheduled to get an MRI choose guided imagery to help them overcome their fears of the machine and the test at hand. Perhaps this is a technique that will help you relax enough to perform the procedure properly.


Some facilities that perform MRI testing can provide their patients with medications for anxiety that will stop some of the worries. This might be something that you want to talk to your doctor about.

The Bottom Line

If you have fears about the MRI, use some of the ideas above to ease some of those fears and worries that you have and make the most of your visit. It is not hard to stop your worries about the MRI when you know the right techniques.