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Root Canal Pico Rivera

Should You Get a Root Canal or a Tooth Extraction?

When you experience intolerable toothaches and tooth pain, you want to eliminate that issue once and for all, even if this means extracting the tooth from the mouth. In many situations, this is the only option for a tooth that is damaged beyond repair. However, could a Root Canal Pico Rivera be the better solution?

A root canal is used when the dentist attempts to save the tooth. It is the most preferred option for the dentist since he can save the natural tooth structure while he restores the damage to its original functionality. Root canals are better than extractions for patients in a variety of situations, including:

·    Tooth abscesses and infections

·    Inflamed pulp

·    Severely decayed teeth

·    Injury causing pulp damage

Root Canal Pico Rivera

·    Cracked/chipped teeth

·    Repeated dental procedures

The root canal takes two visits to complete. The first visit is the major appointment and most work takes place at this visit. The dentist will X-Ray the tooth to determine the extent of the damage. He then applies a local anesthetic to numb the area.  The dentist then fills the tooth’s root canals with a rubber-like material after an opening is created. Filling is placed over the tooth for a temporary period of time.

The follow up visit is pretty simple. At this visit the dentist places a crow or other restoration product of your choosing over the tooth. This crown allows the tooth to be used in the same functionality as before.

Tooth extraction is permanent but it is more affordable than a root canal. The teeth surrounding the extracted tooth can shift, which can cause problems. Many people also find it embarrassing to miss a tooth, although partials are available. Extractions are recommended when certain dental issues apply to your case, which include:

·    Overcrowded teeth

·    Severe tooth infection that require extractions

·    Impacted tooth

·    Gum disease

·    Severely cracked or broken tooth